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We all kissed goodbye at the door (except for Julie, who remained on the floor).
After they had gone, Julie raised her paw.
I said, Yes, Julie? Will you require me more today? I looked around, and we all looked satisfied, so I said, No, Julie, you may leave.

Thank you, Fran.
And thank you, Ellen, you are so kind to me.
Ellen got down and hugged Julie, saying, Aw, we love you too.
We’ll see you next week.
Mum reminded Julie, Now don’t forget next week we have a dinner party on Saturday evening instead of Sunday.
You can make it, right?

From 6:00 to 11:00.
Yes, Yvonne, I have it in my diary.
Great, and of course, as we agreed, you may have the following week off.
Yes, thank you.
Okay, you may go now.
Julie padded off to the kitchen, opened the door to her dressing room, and entered, closing it behind her.

You really found a great pet this time, Mum, I told her.
Oh yes, Mum, she’s amazing.
I hardly have to tell her what I want her to do.
She seems to know.
I’m glad you girls love Julie.
I do too.
Well Gigantic dildo gaping pussy hole. I need a shower, then I’ll see about dinner.

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DINNER GUESTS We were all excited on Saturday, getting ready for the dinner party.
Mum and Ellen had been cooking, and I cleaned house and got the table ready for six.
Mum wouldn’t tell us who the other three were.

A surprise, she insisted.
Everything was ready at about twenty to six.
I heard a car drive around to the back – Julie.

I went into the pet dressing room to wait for her.
Oh, hi, Fran, she said, as she came in through the outside door.
Hi, Julie.
You can get ready as usual, but give me your knickers when you take them off.

When she had dried off, I said, We have something special for you tonight.
Spread your pussy wide.
She did so, and I lubed and inserted a remote-control toy.
It had a bulbous end on a short shaft which went into her pussy.
The bulb pressed on her G spot.

When fully inserted, another prong pressed on her clit.
I put it into her, then handed her her knickers, saying, These will keep it in place.
Julie started to say, How does it feel, when I hit the maximum pulse button on my phone app.
Ohhhhhhhh my god! she screamed.

I turned it off.
That’s the maximum setting.
Of course, we won’t use that until the very end.
We’ll tease you at times.
Mmmm sounds hot.
Okay, finish getting ready and come out.
I went in through the kitchen door and joined the others in the lounge room.

Ellen had brought up the menu of Julie’s videos, and started last week’s episode with Effie and Glenda.
Julie joined us after a couple of minutes.
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We were all dressed, in short skirts for easy access when we needed it.

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