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You close your eyes and picture me watching you while you are doing this.
The thoughts start to get you closer and closer.
You move your other hand down to your pussy too and start fingering yourself while you start to stroke your clit faster and faster.

You are moving all over your seat and trying very hard not to make too much noise because they are other people in the theater who are actually watching the movie.
All of the guys are leaning over watching you, they no longer care for the movie.

You are working your pussy faster and harder and it feels so good to you.
As you get closer and closer your body starts to tense more and more.
Just as you are about to explode, you reach over and grab the crotch of the guy next to you.

His cock is about as hard as it possibly be and you stroke it through his jeans as you get closer and closer.
At that moment, you finally explode and start cumming. Europe dating betho1977.
The waves of ecstasy keep coming and coming.

Feeling the strangers cock and having your body exposed makes it the most intense orgasm as you have had in a long time.
You keep cumming for a full minute before your body starts to calm down.

You finally let go of the guys crotch but you can feel that his jeans are a little moist, looks like someone else came too! You finally compose yourself, pull your skirt back down, button up your blouse and you lean over to the guy and whisper in his ear, I hope you enjoyed it, you can thank my husband.

You give the guy a quick kiss on the cheek, get up and leave the theater quickly.
Leaving a whole row of cocks hard Multiple amateur blowjobs in mouth. and wanting more.
Your dare is complete and your hubby can’t wait to hear about it.

It had been only a week since Madison had found out what it was like to be made love to by her artist neighbor.
We had not been alone together since that time.
Because she had just completed a case my wife, Natalie, had arrived home at a normal time each day.

During the day Madison had become serious about finding a job, so she was away all day long.
I had told all my neighborhood lovers that I was off the market.
I didn’t give them any reason, but I found that they were really understanding, which was totally appropriate from Hotsexychat. the loving way I had treated them.

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Couples dating nagornayaigrushka.