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Chanel sighs, pressing her entire chest against mine, thrusting her hips to feel more.
I play with her, exploring this delicious terrain Ive come to know very well.
I know exactly how far her budding clit is from her tight opening.

I know that her inner lips are perfectly proportional, and exactly where to touch to make her squirm.
Chanel takes my face in her hands and slips her tongue into my mouth, her hips humping me.

I feel my way to her already swollen button again, and when I push on it, she leans her head back to moan.
I look at her perfect braless tits, visible through her thin tank top, and use my other hand to free them.
I tug the cotton up to her collar bones, and put a soft nipple in my mouth.

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Chanel inhales sharply, looking down at me, watching me lick her sensitive flesh.
I release her clit, starting a deep sucking motion on her Pregnant anal dildo. breast, and she grabs handfuls on my hair.
Back and forth, I tease both her nipples, barely giving her pussy any attention, just to drive her crazy.

It works too, and I feel triumphant when she asks for more.
I put a fingertip against her opening and push, loving the way she holds onto me.
I feel around inside her pink box, buried to the knuckle, and she reaches down between us to grab my dick bulging in my shorts.

We play with each other, her hand on me, my hand in her, and she doesnt stop Sweetandreea live malayalam sex chating. kissing me.
When I force a second finger into her, and she finally pulls away for air.
I keep my free hand on her back, holding her to my chest so I can keep fingering her.

Chanel grabs tightly to my hair, subtly humping my hand.
Fuck, if shes so eager, I dont want to wait.
I hold the apex of her thighs in the palm of my hand, and lift her a few inches.

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Couple mmf.