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She asked him whether it was his first time at the club and told him that usually dances were 20 dollars each but she would give him a free dance as long as he didn’t come.
She said all this while caressing his thigh dangerously close to his hard cock.

Matt wanted to touch her, kiss her, fuck her badly.
He was so hot and hard.
He moved his hand to her leg.
She quickly and firmly grabbed it.

I can touch you but you cannot touch me with your hands.
or your mouth.

Club rules, she said.
Matt was thinking about what his friends said about the girls being teases here.

However, his cock didn’t care.
It needed her to touch him, to make him come.
Plus, the dance is free, he thought.
Roxy lead him to the darkened back room and sat Asian toilet voyeur videos pooping shitting. Matt down in a wide comfortable leather chair.

She made some small talk and found out about Rachel and Matt probably told her more than he should.
He told her how horny he was and she just smiled wickedly. Sex live webcams.
Roxy first sat across from Matt and as Matt was telling her about Rachel, she took her g-string off.

It was a matching black and red g-string and it looked wet in the crotch.
Roxy explained the rules.
Some of them she told Matt Asian women looking for sex in kila. were the club rules and some were her rules.
First, only she can touch him.

Second, he must do what she says or she will stop.
Most importantly, he cannot cum unless she tells him.
Lastly, any additional dances will be 20 dollars unless he wants to go to the private room for 400 for 30 minutes which has fewer rules.

Also, watch the bouncers, if they see any inappropriate behavior either Matt touching her or exposing himself, he will be throw out.
Are you ready, she asked.
Matt just nodded and the song started.

Roxy started by doing a slow strip tease standing between his legs.
She put both hands on his thighs and bent down and whispered in his ear.
I want to feel your cock.

Roxy slowly lowered her head close to his cock.
He could feel her hot breath blowing on it.
Matt thrusted upwards so his cock could touch her face.
She just smiled and backed off.

Roxy’s blouse finally came off and then her bra.
She then kneels down and pushes her breast against his chest while carefully not touching his cock.
Matt lets out a low moan.

Roxy brushes her hair against his face, neck and works her way down to his cock.

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