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Ordering two Bloody Marys, Amy proceeded to break the ice.
Two women? she whispered in a tone that sounded slightly angry.
It wasnt my doing, Eric responded.
What was I supposed to do, say no? Erics eyes glanced down at the briefcase sitting between Amys feet.
Did you count it? he asked.

What, in the parking lot? Amy answered sarcastically.
He had just handed it to me when you made your grand entrance.

I hope its all in there, Eric replied.

Well, what if its not? Amy answered with a bit of X sex xxx oakland. frustration before stopping mid-thought as the waitress stepped up to take their order.

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Once she had left them alone again, Amy continued.
What if it is empty? Would you still say that your hall pass was worth it? Eric pondered the thought for a moment before answering.

I guess it probably was, as long as it was for you too R-o-x-a-n-a free sexy free chat girl who want seprete sex chat..
Amy contemplated the idea herself and then replied, Yes, I actually think it was.
Reaching down and picking up the case, she placed it across their laps, its top facing away from them as she opened it.

Peering inside, they could see bundles of $10 bills, ten of them in all, with $1,000 bank bands wrapped around them.
There were also two DVDs and a hotel room key which was tucked into one of the bundles.
What are the DVDs? Eric asked in a low voice.

He filmed us, Amy hesitantly whispered in his ear.
What! Eric replied with disbelief.
Youre not serious!

Why would you agree to that?

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