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Sounds good Lacy said while giving me a wink.
What the fuck was the wink for? I was rather confused by that.
My dick, of course, betrayed me.
I felt it gain some mass as I turned around and followed Shane into the tree line.

Suddenly a new sense of lust came over me.
I had never really looked at Lacy in a sexual way because of Shane.
I always found her attractive, just not sexually attractive.
Now that I was thinking about it, she was pretty fucking sexy.

Shane and I began looking for twigs and small logs that would be sufficient to build a healthy fire.
We looked all around the tree line and even down along the beach.
I came across some twigs, but wasnt having much luck finding logs.
My thoughts kept going back to Lacy and why she winked at me.

Is there something Im not aware of or what? Did she have something planned? No, cant be.
Shes married to Shane.
Why would she risk fucking that up with his best friend?

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No, that wink meant nothing.
I just shook my head and walked on.
How much wood did you find? Shane asked as we met up by the trail that led back to the camp site.
I found a few twigs and a couple logs.
I said while looking at the Sexy young butt gallery. small amount of wood I accumulated.
Yeah same here.

This should be good enough for at least tonight.
I just wanna chill, drink a few and cook up some burgers.
Sounds like a fucking plan, bro.

I said as we began to walk up the path back to the camp site.
We made it back to camp and noticed that Lacy pretty much had everything set up.
All that was left was to pitch the tent and build the fire.
Shane and I began setting up the tent in an unorganized fashion.

After 10 minutes of fighting the poles Hotskinnybabe sexs chati., we finally got the bastard set up.
Lacy seemed quite amused watching us struggle with the tent.
The fire was much easier to build.
Within minutes she was roaring.
Lacy, Shane and I sat around the fire, each with a beer in hand.

It was nice and relaxing.
I was beginning to miss Cindy because I was basically the third wheel until she arrived.
The more we drank the more I noticed Lacy acting more, I guess you could say, provacative.

She was being extra flirty with me.
Each time Shane would leave she would try to sneak a peak at the crotch in my pants or sit with her legs slightly spread open.

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