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Both our orgasms were sublime, Next time a costume, while giving you head.
My life may seem to some as the perfect dream, and some may consider it a nightmare.

As the definition of a unicorn above suggests, regularly seeking a one-night stand with a couple is exciting, good fodder for a Lush story, and with a low risk to both the individual and the couple.
Not so rare perhaps, and in my view, the single one-nighter bisexual girl does not really qualify as a unicorn.

Is it possible then, for such a girl to form a completely closed and permanent relationship with a couple, living together and as though all three were married to each other? Well, yes, perhaps as rare as a unicorn or hens teeth, but believe me, it happens, it can work, and my life is a complete joy as a result.

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I am that girl.
I live with Jacky and Joe, and our relationship together is closed; we do not invite others in, nor do we step outside of it.

We were friends a long time ago, and Jacky lost her virginity to Joe, and mine to another man, long-since forgotten.

They were married, but our friendship was strong enough for them to invite me to live with them.
As Huge boob dating. we are all medics, this worked well as we were all on different shift patterns so didnt end up treading on each others toes.
For a long time, our lives went along side-by-side.

They were madly in love with each Lumbee seeking female defuniak springs. other and I was on my own.
I could only get my sexual release through masturbation, it being a very convenient process and always with the planned outcome of satisfaction.

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