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Chill the million dollar man.

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All I need in addition to these are a bottle of massage oil and the dildo John and I had made, thats an exact replica of his manhood.
Oh! I change the attachment on the sybian to the most fearsome of them all.
Its big and spherical, like a door knob.

I have no idea what it will do to me, but being the kind of woman whos excited by size, Im determined to feel it inside me, even if I have to force myself down on it.
I sit virtually naked in the kitchen, sipping tea and asking myself if I really want to go through with what Ive planned.

But want has nothing to do with it now.
Its only a question of what I know will be.
Theres no stopping anything now.

As usual, I stay away from the living room after eight.

I dont know exactly when Mark arrives, but I know that when I enter the living room on the Lehi cock suckers. stroke of nine, hell be sitting there in the chair, an expectant, appreciative look on his face, and his thick manhood pointing Slang dating. at the ceiling. Casual encounters grand island dick.
Im expectant too.

I love making my entrance, seeing the look in his eyes as he surveys my body.
This evening I stride in, wearing just my heels, the stockings and suspenders, the crotchless panties.
I feel like a strip club hussy with nothing to strip out of.
In the past the thought would have horrified me.

Now I revel in the way Marks eyes widen as he gets his first sight of me.
Wow! he exclaims.
I smile and jiggle my boobs as I walk across to the table.
His eyes follow me as I take the little bottle of oil.
My body is already glowing with anticipation and desire.

My nipples are hard, my pussy wet.
I take the bottle and continue my walk, behind the laptop, coming to a halt just in front of Mark.
Stand up, I say.
He has no idea what I have in mind, but he looks happy, as if he senses something special.

When hes on his feet, I turn, standing right in front of him.
I hold the bottle upside down and squeeze.
A generous helping of oil finds its way onto my rack.
(Did I really call my bosom a rack? Whats happening to me?) Massage my breasts, I breathe.

I hear Mark catch his breath.

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Chill the million dollar man.