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Again, I did not disappoint.
With long deliberate strokes, I placed my wet tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked upward finding her opening.
I darted my tongue into her, savoring the hot wetness before my tongue continued its moist journey upward stopping just short of her clitoris.

Then I started all over again, and again, and again.
each time going just a little faster.
After a time, I inserted a finger into her opening and began massaging her G-Spot.

I had not licked her clit once yet, and Aleksandra was about to go out of her mind with her craving for release.
Once I started massaging her G-Spot, I switched tactics.

I had a special treat in store for her.

I placed my mouth over her clit, without actually touching it, then let my saliva build up until there was a tiny little lake in my mouth over her clit.
Then I began to twirl my tongue randomly with feather-light touches Moro90 sexrusporn video. all over her clit.

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Aleksandra almost broke my two front teeth when she suddenly and violently bucked her hips upward.
She screamed out her release as a gut-wrenching orgasm exploded within her, sending shock waves of indescribable pleasure down to the very core of her being.

She finally did manage to get a hand behind my head again, as she ground her hot pussy onto my mouth and tongue again and again.
She groaned loudly in desperation.
This was her moment.

She would have killed before she’d let anything or anyone remove my mouth from her hot hungry steaming pussy.
She just kept grinding her pussy on my mouth while holding onto the back of my head with both hands for dear life, moving her torso slower and slower.

Finally, when she did stop moving and simply lay there panting, I swallowed the little lake that I made for her clit.
I gave her clit a light flick with the tip of my tongue.
She jerked violently and was still panting heavily.

This told me that she was too sensitive and too exhausted for more just now.
I did not try to enter her right away and moved up to lay beside her on her left side.
I intended to give her the fucking of her life, but that would come soon enough.

For the time being, Karl-Jurgen and I just held her Petiteprinces sexbolly wood. and stroked her gently as she slowly relaxed and came back to herself.

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Chbby scottish anal.