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I’m so hard my veins feel like they’ll cut my hand.
Already the tip is dripping wet enough that I run my palm over it and slide it down my length enough to lubricate it completely.
It feels good, I could cum now but I need to take it slow, stay sharp, and keep my eyes open.

I don’t want to get caught or miss an opportunity to find another of my people.
Still nothing, I’ll have to amp it up.
I wrap my fist around the base and run it up to the swollen head forcing more of the slippery fluid from it.

I focus on the tip where I’m most sensitive in fast rhythmic movements for almost five minutes until it’s almost too late.
Stopping, heart pounding, chest heaving, and sweat rolling down my forehead, I scan the room again.

My ears are ringing and I have tunnel vision.

This is a good sign but also really dangerous.
It’s a good sign that I’m getting this worked up but it’s also bad because I’m getting to the Schweppess 16 eyes girls kerala sex. point that I don’t care if anyone sees me masturbating. Fit naked women on beaches.
I can feel the presence stronger than I have in years.
This isn’t my imagination.

My ringing ears muffle everyone’s conversations to gibberish.
The room feels like it’s spinning.
I didn’t realize it but I’m stroking myself again…….
I almost didn’t catch it in time.
I don’t want to cum yet but I fear I’m at the point of no return.
Orgasm is when the sense is strongest.

If there is another here my best chance of seeing them will be during orgasm.
I take one more look around, still nobody showing any interest in me.
I can’t stop now, I’m going to cum but I have to stay aware enough to see my kin.

Now stroking my whole shaft very rabidly it first goes numb then the tingling begins.
My nuts tighten from deep within to the point that they hurt but it’s a good pain.
My dick starts to boil from within Popular women interracial. until the head feels like it is going to pop.

My cock begins to spasm as sperm wells up from deep inside me making it tingle.
I’m about to cum.
Just moments before ejaculating I open my eyes.

I look straight in front of me, all I see are people milling around smoking, drinking, talking, arguing, dancing…….
until an opening forms in the crowd making it possible to see all the way across the room.
Time seemingly slows down and my eyes focus on a female at the end of the opening.

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Chatpic montgomery lead to somthing else.