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I wanted to show my appreciation for such trust and honor as you gave me that night.
Oh, Master! she said, You dont have to
I know I dont have to, pet.
But I want to, I said.

Now I want to give you something that I had made just for you.
There are times, pet when wearing a collar in public Gangbang slut masturbate penis on beach. is not appropriate – times like this right now.
But I dont ever want you to feel that because you dont have your collar on you are any less a slave to me.

So I want you to wear this to remind you always that you belong to me.

I opened a small box I had stashed in my pocket and showed her my gift
an ankle bracelet that had the word slave written out in script lettering and placed in the bracelet.

My beautiful pet looked at it speechless for several moments.
When she looked up at me she had tears running down her cheek.
Oh, Master Who is julie cypher dating.
Oh, its
Oh, may I please be excused? she said and got up, not even waiting for permission.

I sat there at the table for several minutes waiting for her to return.
I had finished my dinner and my wine when she came back to the table.
I seated her again and as I sat back down she explained herself.

Master, forgive me please for leaving you like that but I didnt want you to see me cry.
Master, this is the most beautiful gift I have ever seen! Thank you so much for such a lovely thing.

Please, can I wear it right now? Oh please, I dont want to go another moment without it on! she pleaded.
Give me your left foot then, I said.

She scooted around so that she could put her left foot on my chair between my legs and I attached her ankle bracelet on.
Now when we Xevavex free cams to watch. get home, I want to take the clasp off the bracelet and then put it back on by squeezing the link together.

That way it cant come off without destroying the chain, I told her.
Yes, Master! I dont EVER want to take it off! she said.

Well, I had it made out of sterling silver so you wont have to.
You can shower with it, swim with it, or whatever and never have to take it off.
I said.
Its simply beautiful, Master.

Thank you so much!

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