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We sat and talked a little more and he was a nice guy and with a little time on my hands, my mind always wanders to kinky sex.
I felt myself getting my Voyeur rtp mature tiger. silk panties a little wet as we talked so I slid my hand a little farther up his leg until I could feel his cock in my hand.

He kind of twitched again but I could feel he was already hard and my, oh my, he was HUGE! Massive actually.
Too big for me to fuck (though I would have loved to have gotten on my knees and shoved that monster in my mouth!).

Since he had not stopped me at any point, we kept chatting and I began rubbing his cock and massaging it, getting wetter all the while playing with this massive fucking meat stick.
At this Cum on her gifs. point, I couldnt help myself, we were in a corner booth and no one could see much, so I slipped my hand down the front of his pants and he ceased being able to talk.

Let me lick your free phone sex chat until you in norway.

He just looked me right in the eyes and I smiled and returned his gaze.

I made real soft moans for him and started whispering into his ear.
Nate, you have a massive cock.

I bet it would feel really good stretching my pussy out.
You could bend me over right here in front of everyone in this coffee shop and pull my ass cheeks apart and slowly push that big hard cock into me.
And Id moan and Id cum for you right in front of everyone.

It would feel so good to have you pounding me, everyone watching as you made me cum over and over again, soaking that thick fuck stick of yours.
Then Id drop to my knees and take you into my mouth and suck you until you came all over my face and down my eager throat.

I was stroking slow still and I didnt want to draw attention to us, but I felt him getting closer so I picked up the pace a little.
It wasnt long until he exploded in his pants.
I felt my hand being covered in twenty-one year old cum.

I stroked and stroked more, him trying not to yell, breathing heavy.
As I felt I squeezed the last drops of cum from his monster cock, I twirled my thumb over his head and then pulled my hand out of his pants.

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