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He kneeled down.
I walked up to him; I put my dick in his face, suck it I said and he began to suck on my dick.

After a few minutes I stopped him.
I pulled my dick out of his mouth, and gave it to my pet.
She gulped every inch of it; I could feel it go to the back of her throat.
I turned to Free cycling shorts handjob cumshot milf. him, What do you want man slave?

I want to get fucked master! he was excited and had no idea what was in store for him, I then looked at a young man 5 foot 6 and ripped stroking his cock, it was about 7 inches and cut.
I asked him Do you want to get laid? Yes said the young man.

I asked Do you want his ass?

Please! The young stud was excited to take a virgin ass.
Bend over man slave.
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I knew he did not know whether to scream from pleasure or pain.

Fuck him now! And with that he slowly pushed his hard cock in my man slaves ass and began to pump him doggie style.
Slowly and steady I could tell my new man slave was enjoying it.
Is this what you meant when you said you wanted to get fucked? No Master! was his reply.
Do you like it?

Yes master.
Does it feel good, his cock deep in your ass? Yes master.

I then told the man fucking my man slave to Cum on his face.
He pulled out of ass, and began to stroke his cock in the face of my man slave and he shot his load on my man slaves face.
Did you like that?

Yes master.
I looked at my slaves and finally I told them they could fuck each other, first he fucked her doggie style, and she was sucking off the men that were watching.
No one come yet!

I said.
As he began to fuck her faster and faster, and they began to stroke their cocks faster and faster.
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Cecilia chueng sex tape.