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The clients that I had been working with loved my ideas, so I knew this meeting was not about my work.
Okay, Ill listen.
What are your concerns.

Then Carol said, Every since you started to work here, I have gotten complaints from the entire staff on how badly you treat them.
Our clients like your work, but the employees here dont like you.
You seem to treat all women with very little respect.

Although I am considered the boss of the company, Karen and Judy own as much stock as I do and have an equal say in how this company is run.
You should be getting coffee for them, not the other way around. Milashhka webcam montreal.

I started to say, Im sorry, but… Keep quiet and let me finish, Carol said.

You make rude remarks about how hot they look and to make matters worst, you have been slapping them on their behinds.
This behavior will not be tolerated around here.
Im sorry they feel that way.
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It was just accepted behavior in the other ad agencies that I worked at.
I responded.

Did you read your contract before you signed it? Carol asked.
I read it over real fast, I said.

I didnt notice anything unusual.
First of all, the first 90 Basic concepts of luminescence dating. days of your employment, you are on probation.
You also can be fired during that time for no apparent reason.

It also said that by signing the agreement that you will submit to any disciplinary action during that time period.
Karen, Judy and I have discussed you employment here and have come up with a plan to deal with your situation.

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Catholic single dating site orlando.