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He penetrated her with deep, forceful, careful thrusts his cock nearly out of her before pushing deeply back into her.
The door opened.
Finish her, Gerhard, said Ingrid.

He increased the pace of his thrusting fucking her furiously.
His pounding against her lovely protuberance brought her almost immediately to a final, violent orgasm.
She grasped his back and slowed Hairy mature madison. his pace as her ecstasy consumed her flesh.

Her legs fell to the bed.
Gerhard moaned and complied when Ingrid told him to pull out of her.

You boys go and clean up now, Ingrid told Gerhard.

We need to be getting Charles home. Local women with big tits.
But dont rush.
Elaine is going to need some time to take care of me.
As Gerhard and Charles neared the door, Ingrid spoke again.

Fuck him once more if you want, Gerhard.
Its the only way youll be cumming today.
—- Elaine and Ingrid compared notes over lunch Monday.
Charles was a bit surprised when Gerhard told him the Video lingerie rotique. last rule, Ingrid told Elaine.

He was buried in him to his balls, holding him in a full nelson and fucking him slowly and deliberately.
To hear Gerhard tell it Charles was giving as good as he was getting.

And he was getting it good enough almost not to be disappointed when Gerhard told him I dont fuck married men unless Gerhard fucks their wives.
You dont think hell go for that, do you? asked Elaine.
You know Gerhard.

Would you let him fuck your wife if you were a married man? Not in a million years!

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Can you masturbate with petroleum jelly.