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I save your life and you don’t even thank me? he teased.
I blinked.
Thank you.
Isn’t your life worth more than two words?

Isn’t it worth more than a fuck? He didn’t answer.
He looked down at my hand as my fingers swept over his cock.
I touched him almost delicately, like I didn’t want to hurt him.
Don’t squeeze it, he warned.
His fingers pushed deeper inside my snatch.

Don’t, Alessia.
I couldn’t help myself.
I squeezed.

His cock moved, and his hips jerked.
He snatched my hand away, fingers curled iron like around my wrist.
He didn’t come though.

He sucked in a long breath, eyes closed tight, You are – too much, Alessia.
He moved unexpectedly, grasping my waist and pushing me down onto the sofa so he could move on top of me.
Are you still saying no? I tried to think coherent thoughts Yes.

I said.
What Massage 37 sunday. does that even mean? I didn’t answer because I didn’t know.
He pushed my dress up, tugged down my underwear and was stopped in his tracks by my sandals. Hot local sex in pajulia.
He tugged them off roughly like they weren’t worth two months savings and dropped them to the floor with my panties.

This doesn’t count as fucking anyway, he said, and he grasped my legs and swept his tongue hard over my snatch.
He did everything deliberately; the way he held me in position, my legs raised and wide so his tongue could go as low as it wanted; the way he used his teeth; and even the way he spoke every so often, saying things I couldn’t even hear before his tongue swirled against me again.

Everything felt heated, wet and crucial.
His tongue didn’t stop.
It pushed and stroked and hovered until I felt like the wait would never be over.

You still don’t wanna fuck? he breathed.
His breath was urgent against me.
His lips moved upward over my stomach, his hands pushing up my dress until it wouldn’t go any further.
He moved to kiss my mouth, his hands finding my tits and groping them roughly through the dress.

He bit my lip until I gasped and then his tongue swept into my mouth even as his hand worked my snatch.
I pulled my mouth away from his so I could speak.
I think I might change my mind, I said.
If that’s Online community dating sites danmark. okay.

He didn’t reply.
He kissed me even harder, his hands going down to grasp my legs, pulling them up and bending them at the knee.

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