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Kiley looked up at me.
She glanced at my dick.
She glanced at the condom, looked up into my face, and finally said, Please.

I want you to have sex with me.
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I want you to be my first.
I didnt hesitate.
I knew the possible fallout and consequences.
But slowly, I lowered myself to my knees and spread Kileys legs.

To be continued
It was an unexpected meeting in the bar of a beachside resort.
I was sitting at a table near the window, dipping into my magazine as I slowly sipped my chilled white wine.
He was standing by the bar, a tall glass of lager in his hand.

It was so obvious he was looking in my direction. Free sluts online no join.
I hadnt realised that I was smiling to myself as I read an article on first-time romances.
I bit the edge of my lip and looked up at him.
He nodded and smiled at me.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled back.
Interesting read? He asked.
I shook my head and took a sip Lesbian high heels. of wine.

Mind if I join you? Please do, I motioned to the seat next to me.
He took the stool opposite me, threading his left foot and leg between mine as he sat down.

The conversation was bright, open and relaxed.
We skipped through numerous topics until we settled on one which caused him to be overtly energetic with his arms.
As it happened, it was one of my favourite topics too, which led to quite an animated time.

Youre very beautiful, he remarked as the conversation drew to a halt.
Thank you, I flicked my eyebrows up and down and smiled at his lovely remark.

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