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She had that look in her eye.
She was unnerved and aroused by this new man.
So where are we going? Michael had always wanted Rose.
He had fantasized about her so many times over the years.
He was becoming hard just thinking about her sitting a few feet away from him.

I was on my way home.
My apartment is right around the corner.
Rose noticed his erection and bit her lower lip.
Ladies are not supposed to bring random men home, she thought to herself.

Rose, youre a good girl; a girl with class.

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A girl like you doesnt jump into a strangers car and carry him home! Im a bad girl today she said aloud. Traci lords analsex.
She slid across the vinyl bench seat of the old plymouth and whispered in Michaels ear, Im going to have you today!

She grabbed his balls roughly through the fine silk pants and bit his earlobe, smelling Bathroom dropped peeing pissing potty toilet. the fine cologne on his neck as he wheeled into the space at her apartment.
Climbing the stairs was nearly impossible.
All those fantasies re-living themselves before his very eyes!

His penis was wetting through his silk trousers by the time they reached her door.
Rose swung the door open and slammed it shut, just giving Michael enough time to get inside without losing an arm! She pushed him back against the door and started kissing him.

Her lips tasting like candied lip gel.
She loosened his patent leather belt and slid her hand into his slackened pants.
It felt good, soft skin draped around a long steel rod.

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