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He turned the form he was writing on for us to sign.
N-n-need both of your names and y-y-your license n-n-number.
I remembered seeing Dustin take my license number and wondered if this would be a problem, but dismissed the thought and wrote down my number.

I was anxious to get to the room, take a shower then get some dinner, but looking at Carla next to me in the office I noticed how beautiful and sexy she looked in her tight jeans the tight red T-shirt under her flannel shirt.
She was looking at the clerk, concentrating and studying his face and knew, like me, she was fascinated by people.

I glanced at her and she smiled at me and bit her lower lip in a seductive way and I suddenly knew I wanted to make mad passionate love to her.
Maybe dinner can wait.
C-c-check out is n-n-noon, he said, sliding the key over the counter.

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While I signed my name on the form, he looked at Carla through his thick horn-rimmed glasses.
He moved his eyes up and down her body, obviously seeing what I was seeing and liking it.
He straightened his glasses and stared at her when she signed her name.

Enjoy your n-n-night, he said, then looked down at the form.
You, too, C-C-Carla.
The way he grinned it was clear he knew we were going to have a hot night and I knew he was jealous.

Carla grabbed her suitcase from the back of my truck and handed me my backpack.
When we walked to the door, feeling playful, I slapped her ass gently and didnt think anything of Naked fat obese italian men. it.
I was just feeling frisky.
She turned to me and smiled.
Mmm, I like that.
You do? Yes.
It turns me on.

Im learning more things about you.
So I slapped her ass harder and she moaned and I could feel both of us getting aroused even before I opened the door.

When we entered and I closed the door, we put our things down and she flopped on the bed on her stomach.
Her ass strained her tight jeans.
My cock immediately got hard. Tranny ass pictures.
She turned her head to look at me.

Come on and spank your bad girl.
She smiled and wiggled her ass, surprising me at what she was revealing.

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