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His Thundershirt is like a snug sweater that I put on him; the compression seems to help calm him down.
He looks intrigued, but a little confused.
After I came… I totally panicked; I felt so out of control.

You laid down on me and everything just stopped.
I suddenly realize how important this is.
I look up at Cascavel ltr ladies. him seriously, wanting him to know how much this means to me.
Somehow you…you knew just what I needed.

I felt calm and in my head again; I felt taken care of.

Patrick gently uses the back of his knuckles to stoke my cheek.
His eyes are bright and warm, and his expression so filled with emotion that I cant tear my eyes away from them.
Thats how you make me feel every time were together.

He leans down to gently kiss my cheek, before embracing me in a hug. Girl black school xxx.
In this moment I know, with sudden clarity, that I am in love with him.
He slowly releases me, sitting up and straddling my hips.
His eyes focus on my red and ravaged breasts.

His breathing quickens; his previously soft expression intensifies as his lust takes hold.
He licks his dry lips before he speaks.
I hope you understand where this is coming from… Your breasts look so fucking hot right now.

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I prop myself up on my elbows and look down on them.
Small purple bruises are scattered over the flesh; impressions of his teeth are just barely visible near my right nipple.
In a rush I feel powerful and proud that I gave myself to him; to bite and suck and mark as his.

Yes, I answer, they are.
A second of relief passes over his expression, before he lifts his head a little higher and looks down at me with a gleam in his icy blue eyes.
Do you think they could take some more?

My eyes widen as my heart once again races.
I dont know how to answer with words, but my nipples involuntarily contract to hard nubs, my pussy clenches, and my aching clit begins to pulse with need.

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Blonde redhead spring and by summer.