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As Amanda had predicted, it only took two oval imprints to cover each of side of Charley’s ass.
After four kisses from the new pink hairbrush, Charley’s entire bottom was marked.
From now on, Abby knew, the rest were gravy.
And Charley knew it too.
Never a new spot to be hit.

His Sweet Abby kept hitting one tender spot after another.
Charley’s tortured bottom rolled and twisted.
No matter what he did, Abby was right on point.

The pain was so intense, Charley never thought about his cock and what was pressing against it.
He pleaded and screamed, bucked and danced.
But his sweet Abby kept going.

SMACK! CRACK! WHACK! I will be so good, Sweet Abby, please stop my spanking, he squeezed out between a bunch of Owee’s and Ouch’s.

It hurts so much, Miss Abby.
I am so sorry.
Charley’s legs kicked as far as his pants would allow.

Charley stopped counting at about fifteen, but Abby didn’t mind.
His yelping and yowling did continue though.
The show caused pussy juice to run down her legs.

Charley’s last few efforts at counting were unintelligible anyway. Bbw wanting to meet up saturday i will host.
He did lift his hand once or twice, but a loud Hands and Charley grabbed for the chair legs again.
Charley never heard the last few spanks as his Online fuck girl now enjoy. brain knew only pain.

Abby smiled down at the bouncing red cheeks dancing on her lap.
The boy is starting to learn, she thought.
Maybe now he will listen.
Finally, the loud thunder burst ended, but Charley didn’t realize it.

The stinging pain would continue for days.
Abby loved the dance Charley put on for her, shaking left and right, up and down.
Charley’s ass never stopped moving, Slut come on lines. nor did he stop singing.

Eventually he realized the loud smacks of the hairbrush had stopped falling.
Abby allowed him to lie there until he could breath regularly again.
Still, with the fires raging in his butt, Charley looked around and asked his mistress if he could get up.

Sure, Charley, but why don’t you lie there awhile and rest.
Then you may thank me for your lesson.
Abby just loved watching the shimmering spectacle wriggling over her knees.

It took a while, but Charley, without pressing on Abby’s left thigh, lifted himself up and presented himself before his mistress.
Abby made Charley stand there and began her post spanking ritual.

Pants still on the floor and hands to his sides, Abby held his limp useless member and looked him in the eye.
What did we learn today from your new hairbrush, Charley? How have we benefited from today’s spanking?

Mistress, I am so sorry I disrespected you and Miss Amanda.
Can you ever forgive me?

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