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I teased him by blowing a kiss and sticking my tongue out at him.
Not long after, I got out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel from my right.
My father had used it earlier and I could tell.

It felt like his body was wrapped around me.
Even better, it smelled like him too.
And so I went on with my post-bath routine; combing my hair, applying lotion all over my body.
and that was it for today.

I walked out of the bathroom fully undressed.

Upon arriving to the kitchen, I put on a special apron that would reveal all my assets.
I pranced to my father’s bedroom door and knocked on it twice.
I’m almost done with dinner, Daddy!

I’ll be out soon, dear.
Okie dokie.
I pranced back out to the dining room and I started setting the table.
I dimmed the lighting, lit some candles, put out all the utensils and got out his favorite bottle of wine.

I heard his footsteps as I opened the oven door.
When he arrived, I bent over to get the food out of the oven, and I made sure that he could see my cute, round ass and soft, pink virgin pussy.
I turned around and noticed that he was gawking at my womanhood.

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He looked away, but I could tell that he was licking his lips.
He sat down at the table and I walked over to the table seductively, standing tall and proud and swaying my hips from side to side. Black by cock stretched wife.
I placed the pot of food and lifted the lid.

I fanned the food towards him so that he could get the aroma of the steaming hot food, all for him.
I untied my apron, making it fall to the ground, and I slipped it off my ankles.
He tried extremely hard to ignore it, but he was looking at my body from the corner of his eye.

As I poured some wine into his glass, I said, Enjoy your dinner, Daddy.
I sat across from him and watched as he ate his food.
I poured him more wine and occasionally got up to get him a glass of water to help him get rid of all the alcohol.

When he was almost finished, he said, Thank you for the dinner, darling.
I’m almost stuffed, but I would like some of the dessert that you made.
Speaking of dessert, where is it? It’s waiting for you in your bedroom.

Oh, alright.
I then excused myself and walked into his bedroom.
I turned on a lamp and laid in the middle of the bed, starting to play with my breasts and my ass, rubbing, squeezing and pinching them.
I spread my legs out and started to rub my little pussy.

I made Tgp jpg movie. soft and quiet moans as I started to become wet.
My father started walking up the stairs and into his bedroom.
He slowly turned the knob and opened the door.

To his surprise, I, his little girl, was completely nude on his bed, dripping my sweet juices all over his sheets.

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