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We had a few simple rules: Palmel sxs adulte. If Joan says no or stop, we stop.
If I want a particular arrangement of bodies, you do it.
Just then another sailor walked in.

Edward and Bill said, Hello Horse.
I asked them why he was nicknamed horse.
Bill said, If you ever saw him in the showers youd know.
Hes hung like a horse.

Joan smirked and said, Horse why dont you join us? I went over the ground rules with Horse and he was fine with them.

We sat around for a while making small talk.
Edward was a gunnery mate.
Bill was a radio operator.
Horse was a boatswain, in charge of junior seaman.

We had our drinks and I could sense Joan getting anxious.
I spoke to our waiter and ordered some champagne for the room.
I said to the three of them, Lets go up to our room.
Im sure we made an odd grouping going through the lobby to the elevator.

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Joan and I were used to it.
In the elevator Joan gave each of the sailors a quick joyful kiss.
We got to the room and Joan pulled all three of them to the couch.

I sat in a chair and watched.
She smiled at them and reached down and pulled her dress over her head.
She was stunning, naked, breasts shining with an inner light, hair cascading down her back, mound glistening with anticipation, a picture of sexual perfection.

They stared at her with wonderment in their eyes.
Edward reached over and caressed her breasts and skimmed his hand down her body.
I said we should all follow Joans example and get naked.
They stripped quickly.
Joan sat down between Edward and Horse.
Bill knelt down between Joans legs.

I looked at all of them naked.
All Asian blow busty job. the sailors were fit and handsome.
As advertised, Horses cock was enormous.
Edwards cock was thick and heavily veined with a bulbous crown.

Bills was long and thin and had an upward bend to it.
Joan took a cock in each hand and started stroking them.
Her small hands gripped them around their base squeezing them and sliding her hands up and down, tracing the contours of their thick shafts and running her thumb around the crowns.

Bill parted Joans legs and started planting kisses on her thighs.

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Black breeding bitch.