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Bikini top skirt.

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After what felt like hours, but was probably only 45 minutes, we stop and the door to my right is opened.
You place my hand in someone else’s and I am helped out of the car.
You quickly place my arm in yours and lead me.
I move my hand to the blindfold and you stop me.

I feel foolish walking around with a blindfold on.
You simply say, Trust me.
Lord knows, I do and I let you lead me.

My senses are immediately bombarded.

The smells are incredible.
It smells like sex, both men and women.

There is music playing, but I don’t recognize the tune.
And it is warm.
I feel you pull me closer and place a kiss on my neck.
Remember, Kitten, you are in control.
I smile at you using your pet name for me as the safe word.
I whisper, Yes, love.

You spin me around and I am facing away from you.
I feel your breath on my neck as your arms wrap around me.
One hand finds the slit in my dress and the other rests gently on my breast.

You stay like that for only a moment and then your hands are gone.
I feel a tug on my dress and the zipper gives. Anal sex videolar.
My dress is lowered and I am left standing there in my thong and bra.

My bra is then unclasped and removed.
I begin shivering again, not from cold but nerves.
Your arms encircle me again.
You are beautiful.
The curve of your hips, the fullness of your breasts, you are woman, embrace it.

With that, you walk me forward a few steps and then sweep me into your arms.
Quickly you lay me down on what feels like a cloud.
My hands are bound above my head and legs spread wide.
I can feel my ankles being bound, but they are not holding me tight.
I can move my legs and like this freedom.

You tell me to enjoy and everything goes quiet for a moment. Datingsitesforpeoplewithherpes com.
Suddenly, my blindfold is removed and your face is hovering above me.
Just inches from face you place a kiss on my lips.
I start looking around and Large adult dildos. notice that you are naked, as is everyone else in the room.

At first glance, it looks like there are about twenty people, both men and women.
You stand by my head and your beautiful cock is resting on my bound hands.
You look around the room and say, This is my cum slut.
She is here for you to use.

There is only one rule.
You cannot make her cum.
With that a woman climbs above me and straddles my face.
I have never been with a woman before and instinctively start moving my tongue as I like to be licked.
She presses down on me and I can barely breathe.

She tastes incredible, better than I could imagine.
All of a sudden, I feel someone between my legs.
My hips are being raised and I feel someone pressing into my ass.

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Bikini top skirt.