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The commute from his home in a New Jersey suburb to New York City was a bit over an hour each way but Lance had never truly minded the drive.
He enjoyed the time to think and decompress.
Lately, things hadn’t been great at home and he’d found ways to help his mood on the drive to work.

He turned on his favorite podcast as he hit the turnpike, and started to think about the coming weekend.
Family birthday dinner on Friday night with the in-laws, honey-do list on Saturday, business dinner on Saturday night in the city, church on Sunday.

Once again there wasn’t a bit of fun on the weekend.
What happened to nights on the town? he thought.
What happened to sexy plans with Sarah?

What happened to all my friends? Just like so many other times, Lance pushed the thoughts from his head as he continued to drive towards the city and his mundane job.
Another day of paperwork.
Another day of putting in time.

This same schedule had been the norm for the past five years since Lance and Sarah married.
But things had Student21x instant webcam chat. been harder lately. Nataligloys online chatting in porn women in pakistan.
Lance’s sex drive was just as strong as it had ever been, but Sarah had lost some interest.

Lance didn’t know if it was due to the busy schedule, if it was because he’d gained ten pounds, or if she’d just got bored with the normal, scheduled sex.
Lance’s mind still flooded with fantasies.
Despite the fact that he was nearing thirty, he was still as horny as he was at eighteen.

He wanted to try Nude asian blowjob penis cumshot. everything.
He had fantasies that were unfulfilled.
He never felt fulfilled.
Strangely enough, he was usually horniest in the morning.
He had fallen into a routine.

He would get to his office, organize his paperwork and respond to emails and then he would slink away to his private bathroom to watch some porn, read some erotica and masturbate.
This was what life had come to.
Lance thought that getting married to his sexy wife would be all he ever needed.

But that was when sex was a priority for both of them, not just him.
Now, after he’d finished his morning ritual, Lance sat and stared at his computer screen.
Before he realized, fifteen minutes passed – but he had an idea.

He was going to take control of his life and have some fun.
Well, at least try.
Wiggling the mouse to wake up his computer monitor, his fingers went to work.

The incognito browser came up and he logged into his craigslist account.
After another fifteen minutes, he’d posted his first advertisement on Craigslist: Married man seeking married woman for excitement.

I’m a 27-year-old married male that is lacking a lot of things in my marriage.

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Bikini atoll history.