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We had talked about perhaps trying a club and thought that might be the best option for meeting other couples.
Again google came to the rescue and it was whilst looking at various club websites around the UK that we noticed that a lot had a link to a site called Fabswingers.

Whilst looking at the website for our local club, we click on the link provided and visited this new site.
Fabswingers had a lot going for it, for starters, it was a lot more active than the one we were on and secondly, and most importantly Avondale arizona girls wanting dick. being tight Yorkshire people it was free.

We cancelled our monthly subscription to the other site and quickly made ourselves members of the new site. Cartoon muhammad prophet strip.
It was full of handy tips on the dos and donts for setting up the perfect profile and we followed them to the letter.

Within no time, we had a decent profile which has got better over time and as we like to take photos, we paid the tiny site Brother sister friends handjob. supporter fee which allowed us to upload more photos.

Within a few days we had received a number of private emails, mostly from single mens, (They clearly never read profiles, especially the bit about not wishing to meet single men), but there were one or two emails from couples.

Soon we were exchanging emails with one particular couple whose profile seemed to suggest that they were similar to us and looking for the same sort of thing.
They were also new to swinging having been only been on the site for two months longer than we had.

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Bike shorts twinks.