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This is the danger zone; the point of no return where self-preservation kicks in and I take extra care not to do or say something stupid that gets me shot.
Finally we come to a halt.

I hear muffled voices, and my arms are released as one of the guards knocks on a door – judging from the faint clank of metal, Im guessing its Tonys ring scratching against the wood.
After a few seconds it opens, expelling a gasp of warmer air than we have out here in the Big ass african. corridor.

A a hand placed in the small of my back unexpectedly shoves me forward so that my toe catches on the door jamb and I end up hopping into the room rather than confidently walking in.
The door discreetly clicks shut behind me, cutting off the sniggers of the two assholes outside.

My employers aftershave is heady and overpowering, and a fog of stale tobacco envelopes him like a sour thought.

I trace the scent back to his position close to the door, almost cut off from the rest of the room as if hes just a spectator – which, for tonight at least, he is – before muting it out, pushing it away as I search for her presence.

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Unlike her husband, she wears no perfume; her skin is sweet enough without the need for sensory adornment, and it cuts through everything else in the room to grab my attention.
Hes my employer; just another man wealthy enough to afford my services.

Shes my client – and my focus, as always, is on her, and her alone.
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She closes the distance between us and reaches out; soft fingers curling around mine, making a little pearl of warmth in the coolness of my palm as she gently draws me away from her husband and towards the bed – pulling me towards her.

When we stop moving, its so she can unfasten the knot at my waist, sliding the cashmere robe off my shoulders.
Shes already naked, having disrobed at some point whilst waiting for me, and now she takes my hands in hers and brings them up to her skin, letting me run them across her face and body.
To anyone watching, it would seem nothing more than a simple gesture of two lovers reacquainting themselves with each other which, in a way, we are; but as I touch her, I cant help wondering exactly how sighted people cope by just seeing things in two dimensions.

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