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I eventually got her to calm down after a good crying session, hugs and a cup of tea I finally got it out of her.
I was to become his number 69.
His newest Odalisque in the Imperial harem.

I was to be sold and trained in skills he found attractive in a lover, wife and potential mother of his children.
If I was a well-rounded, skilled Odalisque I would make my way up the harem hierarchy quickly, with the potential to become a Kadin, a favoured one, a wife.

The Sultans plan and mine were two very different things altogether.
My escape plan
He would not take no for an answer, so my only hope was to run.

I would take my aunts car, drive to the next country to try Do you want to be loved on for tonight. to escape his clutches.

I had three choices: Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Oman, but which to choose
As I rushed around trying to pack things into bags, there was loud banging at the front door.
Dont answer it!!

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I screamed to my little cousin, but it was too late.
He opened the door to reveal four army officials, there on behalf of the Sultan, there for me.
As I stood at the top of the three story marble staircase, I stared down at them as ascended the stairs towards me in a hurried fashion.

I backed away from them towards my bedroom but before I could get to my door they were right in front me, they grabbed my arms and held me where I stood.
Going somewhere, Claire? one of the men asked.
We shall pack the rest, sit there and do not Njdating powered by vbulletin. move or speak, the same man demanded.

I was sat on the edge of my bed, I was in shock; I watched the men pack all my belongings.
I was not sure what was happening.
Where was my aunt? I thought to myself.
Then it hit me, they sold me!
No, my uncle sold me!!

That is why my aunt was so upset.
That bastard!!! Taken by the Guards

I was taken to the palace in the back of a white Rolls Royce, with a two army vehicle entourage that carried all my belongings.
We arrived at those same black steel gates that opened seamlessly again, but this time I was not excited.
I was fucking terrified.

The car door was opened quickly as I was grabbed by the arm, dragged from the car, then practically bodily lifted up the mountainous marble stairs.

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