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Mistress is silent as she watches her newest pet suffer with desire.
She lets Ashley heave and moan as sex juices squeeze out from her engorged, tortured honey pot.
Ashley feels Mistress’ grip on the plug increase.

She bites her lip to brace herself.
Mistress pushes the plunger in just slightly.
It forces Ashley’s ass to open from deep inside her anus.

The flowering plug applies deeper pressure on her already desperately swollen sex glands.
Her A-spot is stimulated even more as Asian girl bus. the Sex slut in banyuwangi. plug spreads, deep inside Ashley’s little behind.

The device manages to cause more juice to pour from Ashley’s cunt.

It cascades down the insides of her legs, wetting the pink socks around her ankles.
Please! This isn’t fair! I’ve done everything you’ve asked, Ashley begs.
Yes, you have.

And you will continue to do so, Mistress replies, sternly.
I can’t handle this plug opening anymore Mistress! I need… I want to cum!

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Please! I want to, but it feels like I have to! Ashley begs, quivering with stress.
You are not being given permission to cum.

Therefore, you will not.
I am requiring you to take this plug, which means, it is possible to do so.
I wouldn’t ask you to do something you couldn’t do.
So you will take it, because you are a good, little, submissive slut.

Ashley hangs her head in defeat.
She can feel nothing but the intense pressure, spreading open her pink ring and the tremendous urge to cum.
Mistress continues to speak as she slowly expands the plug further.

Your job is only to please.
That is it.
And you want and need to please me right now.
Please me by relaxing your dirty, little asshole.

Breathe deeply, relax, let me fill you… Ashley hears what her Mistress is saying, but fights against it.
She pulls her legs hard, trying to free herself… somehow.
The chains and leather bonds are too strong of course.

Ashley struggles to free her skinny arms.
She cannot.
She senses Mistress beginning to squeeze the plunger again.

Ashley feels like she’s on a roller coaster, at the very top of the ascent.
She can see over the edge of the drop.
There’s nothing she can do now to get off the ride, to quell the growing anxiety, fear and excitement in her belly.

The cold, steel petals widen inside Ashley’s trembling anus.

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