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Joanne is always teasing me about my boots, I own 10 pair! I really wish Kaci would stop falling all over that jerk of a boss, Joanne states as she starts the car.
He doesnt even know shes alive.

I know, Ive talked to her about it several times but she swears shes not into him anymore.
I tell her and she rolls her eyes.
Okay, Ill believe that when the lock screen on her phone isnt a picture of him anymore, Joanne snorts and laughs.
Seriously? I look at her shocked, I didnt know that

I roll my eyes and we drive down the road towards the fairgrounds.
As we pull in I can smell the popcorn and cotton candy and hear the laughter and screams of the crowd.

I so love this atmosphere, life seems so simple at times like this.

Kaci just messaged me, Joanne says.
Shes at the entrance waiting on us.
Cool, I smile at her and we head to the entrance. Cam sex.
Kaci stood waiting for us just like she said, she must have changed before leaving because she was wearing a tight red t-shirt and cut off shorts.

Kaci is Moms big boob clips. the short one of the bunch.
Shes also the chubby one.
Her boobs put mine to shame and her ass can easily take two seats.
However, shes proud of her body and never misses an opportunity to show it off.
We all paid for our tickets and each bought a ride pass.

Im gonna head over that way, Joanne takes off towards the game booths looking for her boyfriend Jake.
Guess we lost her, I told Kaci.
Kaci picked up her phone and begins texting.

Seriously? I motion to her phone.
Work, she answers and walks off with the phone glued to her ear.

I guess its just me now, I head to the house of mirrors.
I was not about to let them ruin my fun.
Joanne and her boyfriend, Kaci and her work

Whatever happened to solidarity and sisterhood? I show my bracelet to the ride attendent guy and walk inside.
It always amuses me to see myself in all the different mirrors.
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I round the corner and hear a familiar voice.
All by yourself tonight? It was Trey, an old boyfriend from high school.

Trey! I throw my arms around him and hug him tight.

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