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She had made The Golden Promise to stay a virgin until marrige, and that was a very hard thing to work around until we finally had sex.
I had been having fun as I taught her all the things she could do sexually and especially had fun teaching her how to do it just like I like it.

I had been teaching her how to suck a cock to the point that I am on the point of screaming in pleasure and edging me to make my loads even bigger and more powerful when I finally cum all over her.
It took her quite a while for her to do that though.

I remember after we finally started having sex, it took her a long time to willing put my cock in her mouth without a lot of pleading on my part. Hannah poklad webcam.
And even then it wasnt even something you could call a blowjob, it was just a warm coat around my cock in cold winter months.

Slowly but surely Images and videos of cunt licking. though as the weeks went on and we had sex more and more often she would start to put it in her mouth more and more often.

Then it was a matter of teaching her how to use her tongue to put pressure on different areas like the tip and the underside of the shaft.

Then came the part about how much teeth is good and how much is bad I have a lot of love to give..
Then we moved on to how to create suction to feel good.
It was really an amazing transformation that never is complete really.

Currently we are working on how to take my cock into her throat and reducing her gag reflex so that I can fuck her throat like a pussy when I have her tied up to the bed to have my way with her.

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