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Belly lick lyrics.

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All the good stuff coincided with Lias absence of my life.
I loved Lia, I might always love her, but I was better off without her.
The thought hurt, but I knew the pain would pass, and I could deal with that.
I let out a long breath and felt the last of the weight fall off my shoulders.

I even smiled and sang along with the music.
The shower was at a small restaurant owned by one of Ginas husbands friends.
Id Black box penetration testing. been there once before and my mouth watered.

They made the best desserts in town and I couldnt wait to have some.

I walked in and waved to Gina.
After I set the present on the designated table, I turned and saw Lia.

She looked better than a body had a right to, but Id learned my lesson.
Once upon a time, when God painted the world, and it was still wet.
You didnt have to stand in line or pay taxes.
There were no Homo sapiens or cars, menopause or strips bars.

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It was all BC
before chickens.
Then along came a wooly-bully and the earth was hatched.
We dont know if I came before the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the egg.
Probably somewhere in between.

Being as I was early vampire, pickings were pretty slim.
It was the simple age and by all standards, I was as simple as one could get.
Neanderthal blood gave me gas and bamboo shoots bloated me.

We blended in well with the exceptions of our arms.
They had a tendency to drag the knuckles.
Ugh! Those were the days.
In the early days of vampiring, males were named Dude Alicelovelace porno chat latina grati. and females, Hoe.
I figured out that a vampire could stick his cock between a womans elbow and get off.

This was called (ucking) fucking.
I thought it would soon become common practice among the covens.
I did hear another vampire say, I didnt know pussy from elbow.
I spotted a pair of hairy legs and clubbed the hoe.

Then dragged her hairy ass to my cave as I heard a voice, Hey, Dude! Ask her if shes a virgin? She did notice that I had been circumcised by a raptor and I was half-assed.

Just more evidence that I was simple.
I had my way with her as I spewed a load, just as a wooly-bully (800-pound chicken) sat on me.

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Belly lick lyrics.