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Alex bent down to tell me, This night is far from over.
Shortly you will have your pussy and ass stuffed full of cock.
Oh yes, give me more, I cried.

Alex took his place at my pussy.
His thumb rubbed my clit as his cock slid into my pussy.
His quick manipulation of my clit, along with the sight of my white hand around this big black cock had me cumming quickly.

It was going to feel damn good when he filled my pussy with it.
As Alex continued pumping my cunt, the man gave me his cock to taste.

Any woman that could take him into her mouth had my admiration.
My mouth was stretched just to take in the width, not to mention the length.

He was gentle as I worked to swallow as much as I could.
You look beautiful with that big black cock in your mouth, Alex told me.
And you have quite an audience.

I attempted to turn my head, which was difficult with my mouth stuffed, but what I could see showed me that we were surrounded with watchers. College sex cams.
Some of the crowd was issuing instructions to the two men.
Fuck that pussy hard.
Shove that cock down her throat.

Grab those tits and work them.
Flip her over and give her a good fuck.
The last comment registered somewhere.
Alex maneuvered me so that I was on my hands and knees on the table.
It was a bit of a relief since it made it slightly easier to suck the cock in front of me.

Each time Alex slid his cock into me, my mouth pushed forward onto the mans cock.
I wanted it in my pussy so badly, but Alex decided what happened.
If I asked to have the man fuck me, he would make me wait longer, and I didnt want to wait.

I felt something cold and wet on my ass. Free sex dating for android.
I realized that Alex was spreading lube across my asshole.
He wasted no Erotic office lesbian nella. time in plunging his fingers deep into my hole.

It wasnt long before I felt the head of his cock pressing against my ass.
It wasnt the first time I had his, or any, cock in my ass.
A loud groan escaped my mouth as he plunged his full length into my ass in one swift move.

What came next came as a complete surprise to me, but was the fulfillment of a fantasy.
Alex pulled me off the cock in my mouth, straightening me so my back was against his chest.
He held me up by my tits.
Its time, Alex said to the other man.

What did that mean? I found out when the man closed in on us, sliding his cock into my pussy.

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Bellevue washington ladies bellevue washington.