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Alright then.
Meet up at my place at seven, ok? Both of my new neighbors seemed looking forward to our first real meeting.

It was already 4 p.
and I had to get the dinner from the groceries store.
I had after all these years of solitude become a quite good chef.
By the time Karen was alive I didnt bother about any meal at all because she had always done everything in the kitchen.

After she had passed I first had to learn how to cook for Id REALLY sucked.

After a short time already I had turned up to be a quite talented cook though and I was learning really fast.
So for this evening I planned to make some real good Paella.

At 7 p.
sharp I heard the doorbell ring.
I opened up the door.
As I saw my two neighbors standing in front of me my eyes popped open as if they had wanted to jump out.

Rosalyn had put on a black gown that formed her body at the right places and made her look at least ten years younger. Bella-short online web cam sex.
I started asking myself how stupid any reasonable man had to be to dump a woman so good looking in her late forties.
Standing next to her was Denise.

This was the first time I looked at her closer.
She was around 54, 34B C-26-37 by visual judgment, eyes blue like a mountain Led light strip marine markers. lake and curly natural sandy blonde hair.

Her evening dress was emphasizing her curves and making her young tits and her firm ass stand out, almost begging to catch the looks of everyone around.
Thats some real hot stuff… I thought before exposing my mind to my own mental machine gun again.
Come on in.

Dont be shy, I wont bite you I said smiling at my guests.
May I offer you something to drink? Do you have white Martini? The mother asked.
Yeah, sure.
And for the young lady?

Same over here please Denise said with sparkling eyes.
I was a bit confused.
Do you allow her to drink, Rosalyn?

I asked her mother before saying anything stupid or wrong.
I dont see the point of forbidding teenagers to drink if they get Kissgr www sxs xxx cex video com. drunk whenever they like by one or another way anyway.

Rosalyn replied as though she had prepared and used that sentence many times before.

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Asmr role play.