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Soft moans emit from him as I do, but he does not move to stop me.
When Im finished, I move back up until Im on my side facing him as he lies on his back.
I snuggle close and feel his arm embrace me Wake island hi. tightly behind my back, pulling me closer.

Absentmindedly I run my hands through the soft hairs of chest and watch him.
Slowly he turns his head and his eyes crack open.
A smile forms on his face.
You look happy, he says sleepily.
Are you good?

Do you need anything? I almost laugh because I think we both know hes barely capable of lifting his head in this moment let alone taking care of me.

I assure him Im fine; more than fine.

Encouraging him to move up and under the covers, I briefly leave the bed to use the bathroom before returning to snuggle against him once more. Necked white boys videos.
I think about the way he dominated me tonight.
No toys, no restraints, just his will over mine.

My body is marked, swollen and bruised, but my heart is as full of love as its ever been.
I fall asleep with my head on his chest, lulled by the sound of his beating heart.
I awaken in the morning to the smell of coffee and an empty bed.

Putting on my silk rob, Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating. I head downstairs and can see that Patricks made himself at home in my kitchen.
On the table waiting for me is yogurt topped with fresh fruit and granola.
I smile as I also see that hes meticulously laid out the blueprints and wood samples right next to my food.

The house is quiet but I know hes still here judging by his shoes left by my front door.
I pour myself some coffee and look out the back window.
There he is barefoot in the grass, jeans only, throwing a ball for the dogs in the backyard.

He lets out a laugh as Guinness literally grabs the ball out of Griffins mouth then runs circles around him.

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