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I stepped out of them and kicked them aside.
I reached to undo my bra when his words stopped me.
Come to me pet, I walked to him slowly and knelt before him.
My eyes lowered towards the ground.
He took my chin in his hand and pulled it up so that I could look into his eyes.
You please me pet.

He got up in front of me and took off his shirt.
His hands went to his pants and those too were taken off, along with his boxers Nude girls in abingdon oxford..
I looked at his eyes, but I wanted to see his cock.

I knew that if I took my eyes off his, I would be in trouble.
He motioned for me to stand.
I stood at once, gazing into his eyes.

His hands went around my back and with a flick of a finger my bra unsnapped.
He pulled it from my body and watched it fall to the floor.
He then took his fingers and pulled at my boyshorts.
Caressing my flesh as he slid them down my legs.
I gasped as his fingers felt between my legs.

He smiled as he discovered my wetness. Girl caught vibrator.
He stood back up and motioned me to kneel in front of him.
Look what you have done to my cock, my pet, He said taking his long hard cock into his hands.
He began to stroke it.

Master may I? I asked cautiously.
I hoped that I hadn’t overstepped, but his voice reassured me.
Yes, my pet, of course, touch me, caress me, fill your mouth with me, he said taking his hands off his cock.
I put my hands around his shaft.

It was warm and so hard, like one of those three-wick candles.
I bent my head and licked the small drop of precum oozing out of the tip.
It tasted good, a little salty, but good.
His hand grabbed my blonde pony tail and shoved it down onto his cock.

I wasn’t expecting to be face fucked yet, and I felt my gag reflex kicking in.
He let me up to breathe a few breathes and then pushed my head down again.
Holding it for a little longer till I started gaging again.

He let Naked man running in houston. me up and then pushed me down.
I took more and more of his beautiful cock into my mouth each time.
Finally I had his whole dick in my mouth and I was sucking as best as I could—twirling my tongue around his dick.
Yes, pet, that’s it, he moaned, thrusting his pelvis into my face.

He pulled out of my mouth and picked me up.
He carried me to the bed and laid me down softly on my back.
As my head touched the pillows, he leaned in and kissed my mouth softly.

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Asian chubby fat.