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A saw.
She could cut down the pole, straddle it and then rub her now rather damp panties against it.
She stumbled over and grabbed it and walked back.

Her idea was fucking great! Or at least that was her perception of it.
She knelt at the bottom of the pole and started using the saw.
Made of some really hard wood, this shit.
The unintended innuendo made her giggle as her arm worked the saw that was digging into the pole.

She could hear it cracking as it was halfway sawn through and she could also feel it beginning to wiggle with each stroke. Family film.

With three quarters done on the pole, she stood up on her feet after two attempts and then leaned against it.
The pole was now wiggling quite heavily from each touch.

A strong push with her shoulders got the pole moving Transcoquette horny wifelive. into the direction she wanted: down.
She grabbed her bottle as it fell to the ground and walked along the length of the pole, feeling the branches and leaves covering the hardness underneath.

She found the perfect spot where the elevation was just high enough where she could go on her knees and still raise and lower her body as was needed, to get the right amount of pressure on it. Kendra1 www video chat znakomstva onlain.
She pulled up her dress and placed a hand on her panties, feeling the pussy through the fabric.

She was surprised to find out she was soaked.
All the work on the pole and the knowledge of what would happen next must have made her hornier than she thought.
She straddled the pole and lowered her body down onto it.

With a bit of a bend in her knees, she was resting her pussy on the leaf-covered pole.
She could already feel that it would be good and tried sliding up and down.
The feeling was good, but a bit too rough.

She dropped the vodka bottle and leaned forward, resting her hands and supporting her body on the pole a bit.
With a bit of lifting her body up the sensation felt perfect.
She gasped as she started moving her hips back and forth along the length of the pole.

The leaves gave a different sensation as the difference in height on the pole gave a different amount of pressure against her clit and lips.
She could feel her pussy making her panties wetter as she rode long strokes up and down the pole.

She imagined it being a massive cock rubbing against her, preparing her tight hole to get it ready for a good fucking.
The thought along with an angle that stimulated her clit just right made a wave of pleasure shoot up through her body, and she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.
The strokes had started out slow and a bit teasing at first, but her lust had taken over.

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