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as far as staying tonight, I think it would be ok.
It seems a bit premature to plan sleeping arrangements quite yet though.
I mean, hell, we haven’t even kissed!

With that, he pulls over to the side of the isolated forest road we’ve been driving on and before I can even speak he’s pulled himself closer to me and cradles my face in his large hands.
We can remedy that right here and now Corrine.

I’ve spent too many months wondering what your lips would feel like on mine.
I’d really like to kiss you.
His last words come out as a low growl, and as he speaks, his right hand lowers a bit and I feel his thumb drag across my bottom lip.

Without thought my tongue darts out and follows the path his finger traced.
I can’t be coy either.
I need this so bad.
Please yes…Patrick.
I feel his hands shift from my cheeks to the back of my head as he draws me to him.

The last thing I see before I close my eyes is the intensity in his, and I expect his lips to crush mine.
Instead, I feel the most chaste and delicate kiss caress my lips, then another, and another. Angelina love tna ass.
His tongue gently begins to trace my lips, but does not enter.

This tender kiss is igniting something dormant in me and I want to crush myself against him.
I can’t wait any longer and I push forward in an attempt to intensify the kiss, only to have him pull back and smile.
I am flustered and left wanting.

He appears to know this, but I can see the effect the kiss had on him too as he unselfconsciously adjusts himself through his shorts with a low moan.
He backs himself in to the driver’s seat once again, leaning his head back on the head rest he lets outs his breath.

Holy hell, those lips are going to be the end of me….
I think I’d be happy to stay on the side of the road and kiss you all day, but I promised you a hike, didn’t I? He starts up the truck again and we continue on.
My body continues to tremble from the kiss.

We both remain quiet for the rest of the ride.
After another 20 minutes of forest roads, we pull up to the trailhead.
I’m delighted that it’s a hike I’ve been dying to try and tell him so.
It’s known for its beautiful views at the top, but also for its occasional rough terrain.

Trail books recommend that it not be hiked alone.
Patrick parks Karolrossx sex cams local. the Bronco and we put the dogs on leashes. Mrs mischief femdom.
He grabs his pack out of the back and we leave the lot signing in at the start of the trail.

A few other cars are already parked, but not too many so hopefully we’ll have the trail to ourselves.
With no one around, we let the dogs off leash and they tear up the path out of view, only to double back and check in with us.

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