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She was screaming.
She was crying and shouting abusive words into the room.
She was also cumming as I fucked her for no more than thirty seconds.
I was, it has to be said, horny as fuck.
I had got the face full of spunk, the thought of which had driven me all the way to see them.

I had swapped Steves spunk and her pussy juices with Brigitte, and now I was fucking her rampantly like there was no tomorrow.
Yes, she was cumming all over the chair.
She was yelling at me, Not to stop, interspersed with words of, Oh Fuck! and, Thats it.
Finally it arrived.

Oh Fuck!…cumming….
cumming, was all that she could say.
I kept pumping into her knowing that if she came quickly she may have a second.
She did just that, as her first orgasm ripped through her she cried out, Again! Again!

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I kept thrusting.
I had brought her to her second orgasm but I was tired and whats more my impending orgasm was about to play its part.
I could feel the spunk rising in my Prettybitchxx sex bot messenger. cock.

I held off for as long as I could but it finally got the better of me.
I pulled out at what seemed like the very last moment, stood up quickly, and showered my spunk all over Brigittes big luscious tits, stomach and a few drops on her face.

We all looked at each other and agreed it was a fantastic fuck and we all knew that it was going to be an even longer night.
Youre not staying at that hotel tonight…perhaps tomorrow, but not tonight, said Brigitte.
I just smiled.
I knew I wasnt going to get much sleep Forst sex videos..

My mind was racing with whatever positions and debauchery they had thought up between themselves all the time we were emailing each other.
As I watched Brigitte scoop up some of my spunk onto her nipples and then suck it into her mouth
I had a feeling I was about to find out.

—– We did fuck all night and I have to admit they were more than adventurous in their lovemaking.

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