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To gain power, all succubae must do the same thing: collect life force.
They do this through sex, taking a bit of life from each human they fuck, though it is such a small amount that the humans don’t notice, but also won’t remember the encounter.

Therefore, to gain a lot, they must have a lot of sex; it is how they thrive.
Half-succubae are the same, but at birth don’t possess the necessary power to use magic or ascend to the Fee voyeur web. earth.

For this reason, the more powerful succubus demons take the freshly awakened ones in as sex slaves of sorts.
By using them, they gain power, but also grant an equal amount to the young ones.

As succubae do care for their own race, almost all the demons have at least one slave at any given time, using them until they can manage on their own.

They even teach them tricks to the necessary magic that the race possesses.

When they reach full maturity, the young ones grow a tail and wing, signifying their full powers.
Both the mistress and slaveā€¦ all the succubus demons and half-demons, are wickedly happy with their life cycles of lustful pleasure, from birth to death, and have become a Email xxx chat and pic swap with sluts online now free. primary demon in hell for their ways.

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My name is Leveyla, or Eyla, and I am one of these: a half-succubus living in servitude.
I am 23, having been free of incubation for a mere four years, my peaked age being 19.
And, over these past four years, I have been in the service of my great Mistress, Sevinma.

She found me immediately after I awoke and gave me a name, taking me in and nurturing me.
On my second day with her I learned of the intense pleasure of sex as she caressed me and licked me all over, and how I would forever more come to crave it, to need it.

Soon after she showed me what our bodies were capable of.
All succubae are female, but she showed me that our bodies can be altered in almost any way.

She showed that, at will, we can alter any body hair and hair color, skin tone, eye color, breast size and weight, limbs, even temporarily grow a cock! I was born with black hair, pale bluish skin, a curled horn on my head, golden eyes and ample curves, but if I so desired I could be flat chested, red-skinned, purple haired, and with horns on my back.

My mistress taught me to hone these natural abilities, all the while showing me more and more about sex.
Over the next year I did everything for her that she wanted.

I always obeyed, more than willing to eat her when she said, blow her when she said, or let her fuck me raw whenever she said the word.
I loved every second.

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Angelpussy1 live web show.