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Yes, Ingrid.
Did he tell you the only way you would ever get to fuck me was to let him fuck you first? Yes, Ingrid.
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She softened the strength of her blows and slowed their rhythm.

Did he tell you to beg him to fuck you? Yes, Ingrid.
Had he let your arm loose by this time, removed his fingers from your anus and poured lubricant into you? Yes, Ingrid.
Did you tell him Please Gerhard, please Gerhard, I need your cock? Yes, Ingrid.

He entered you slowly but firmly and buried himself fully into you with his thighs pressed against your buttocks.
He paused to let you accommodate yourself to his cock and then pushed against you without withdrawing. Caged bdsm pup vids.

Were you crying? Yes, Ingrid.

Did your hips respond to his thrusts? Yes, Ingrid.
He picked up the pace, withdrawing his cock and sliding back into you more and more forcefully.

You responded to his thrusts through your tears.
Soon the two of you were fucking as if your very lives depended on it.
Did you cum before Gerhard? Yes, Ingrid, he replied spilling his seed once more between her thighs.

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Ingrid released him from the grip of her thighs and he stood before her.
She took his flagging erection in her mouth and licked it clean.
Just before they entered her bedroom she asked him whether he had sucked Gerhard hard that morning; whether he had prepared Gerhard to fuck Elaine.

She told him he didnt have to answer.
—- Elaine lay beneath Gerhard with her legs wrapped around his back.

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