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She Older horny bitches of belarus. looked at his cock and saw it was completely rigid and ready for action.
It made her pussy wet and needy, but she didn’t want to give in and Hustler clothing for sale. just fuck Chad; he needed to be teased and tortured just a little.

He’d neglected to make it clear to his old pal, Clarence, that the two of them would not be celebrating Chad’s birthday in the manner that had become their tradition.
For the past several years, the two of them had taken whom-ever was the current Office Whore to Chad’s cabin and made use of its dungeon, and her, enjoying a weekend of debauchery.

But since she was his fiancée now, and his permanent Office Whore, they would have to find a different way to celebrate his fortieth birthday; minus Clarence, of course.
But for now, Reina decided that Chad needed some incentive to remember that his old habits were no longer going to fly with her.

He needed some good old-fashioned pussy denial to help him see the error of his ways. In car blowjob video.

Come sit at the desk, naughty boy.
Miss Kelly is going to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget, Reina said, watching Chad comply without argument.

She took the restraints from his drawer and secured his hands to his chair, making sure he couldn’t touch her, nor himself.
Then she grabbed the vibrating wand she had retrieved from his desk as well.

They’d taken to keeping it handy for quick office sex when they didn’t have time for long, drawn-out sessions.
She positioned herself on his desk with her legs spread, opening her pussy for him to look at and covet.
I’m gonna make you watch while I tease my pussy and make it all juicy wet.

But, sadly, you can only look, not touch.
You need to learn that my pussy is all you need.
No more slutty, blonde whores for Chad, just an over-sexed redhead with a magic tongue, hand-sized tits, and an ass you can grab onto, she said, as Chad heard himself moan with desire.

She turned on the wand and rubbed it around her open hole to get it all wet before moving it over her already swollen clit.
When she made contact, she leaned back her head and cried out, Oh fuck, yeah! That feels so good.
Mmm, too bad you can’t touch my sweet pussy, baby, it’s so hot!

Look how wet it is; it is so in need of a good, hard fucking.

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