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Memoirs of a foot fetish railer.

Looking at Cleaver as she pulled her hand back, she saw something in his eyes, as if she’d gained his respect, though it seemed an odd way to go about it.
Why are you called Cleaver? she shouted.
One of the girls leaned forward.

A breast popped out of the flimsy excuse for clothing, but she didn’t bother putting it back.
It’s because when he fucks your arse it feels like you’re being split in two! she informed Prudence in a loud voice.
No, no, no, Prudence thought.

No way was she ever going to let the man try and fit that monster in her back passage.
She wasn’t a fool; she’d nervously considered the possibility that anal sex might be on the menu, but surely accommodating Cleaver was above and beyond the call of duty?

She felt someone touch her shoulder and jumped, but it was only Amy, handing her the bottle.
Prudence unscrewed the top and took a giant swig.
As she did so, she wondered how she could be sure nobody had slipped something in there.

The thought was unnerving, but somehow she still trusted Amy. 357 maximum penetration ammunition.
Her shoulder was touched again, but not by Amy, who was standing in front of her.
Then a hand was squeezing her breast.

She grew tense.
A voice sounded in her ear.
Don’t worry, doll, we’re not going to hurt you, just fuck you good, like you want.

Someone was flanking her other side too, grabbing hold of her other breast.
Amy was holding out her hand for the bottle, and Prudence handed it to her.

She was suddenly surrounded by four men, all dressed in bizarre outfits, one of them with thick make-up and impossibly dark eyes, others with heavily inked arms.
Their hands were groping her everywhere.

The man who had addressed her was suddenly licking her neck, and to her surprise Prudence felt metal there.
She realised that the man had a tongue stud and recalled having been fascinated by a video where a man with just such a thing had his face between a woman’s thighs.

The memory of it made her tingle just a little, but then nerves took over again when she realised that her dress was being unzipped, leaving her exposed in just her underwear and shoes.
The hands were still all over her thighs and breasts, one hand suddenly rubbing her crotch.

The men were talking amongst themselves, but what Tattooed twins suck dick orgy. with the loud thud of music, the buzz of alcohol and the way her mind seemed to want to protect her from anything and everything, she couldn’t hear what they were saying.
A hand was squeezing her buttocks.
Her neck was being licked from Spanking twins handjob cock orgy. both sides, and now fingers were inching inside her panties.

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