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You know you can do whatever you want to me.
Liam slightly pushed her off of him and began to sit up.
Its late.
Where are you going? No! Adelaide straddled Liam.
Stop, dont do this to me.
Liam placed his hand on her shoulder and tossed her off of him.

Adelaide swung her open palm hard into Liams face.
Liam closed his eyes and took a deep breath and continued to get up.
Adelaide brought her hand back across his cheek.

Liam swiftly gripped Adelaides small neck and pinned her down on the bed.

Is this what you want? Liam said with fire in his eyes.
Yes, Adelaide said through a heavy breath.

Liam tightened his grip on her neck as she exhaled and pulled the thin waistband of her thong hard and fast away from her hip, ripping them off her legs. Penetrate commercial cleaner.
He ran his fingers Chat sex viet attractive man for older fun woman. between her soft bare folds up to her clit and rubbed it until her juices Shyla rough. began to flow.

He inserted two of his fingers into her warm, wet depths and moved them in and out as his thumb rubbed small circles on her clit.
Adelaide moved her hands up to her breasts, cupped them and massaged upward, rubbing her palms on her nipples at the end of each stroke.

She opened her eyes to look at him as he tightened his grip on her neck.
He increased the movement of his fingers in her pussy and on her clit.

She felt that he was capable of tightening his grip enough to not let her breath at all, never loosening it again, and it turned her on more than anything.
She arched her back upward and pushed her sopping wet pussy into Liams thrusts until she felt a hot ball of energy build between her open thighs.
Yes, yes, yes, she moaned as she clenched her ass and let her orgasm explode out and roll through her legs and belly, up to her nipples and back.

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