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And when Mindy and the other guys came out of the room a half hour later, I made sure to point out to Ed how happy they all looked and how Mindy’s tube top was twisted, her nipples were standing out sharply, and her camel toe was wet, probably from the cum leaking from those men.
I saw Mindy go into the kitchen, so I walked in behind her.

I was really surprised by what I saw before she noticed me.
I saw her reach into the crotch of her shorts and bring her cum-covered fingers to her mouth and lick them clean.
I remember thinking that she was just as nasty as I am.

Watching her eat that cum like that gave me the courage to talk with her about what I saw.
I said, Mindy, I saw you and those two guys and then Jeff go into the bedroom, and you were in there for a long time.
Do you mind telling me what was going on?

She looked at me for a few seconds, and then must have determined that she could trust me and said, Oh Susan, this rotating crew thing has really given me an exciting lifestyle.
Jeff found out that I was fucking the other crew guys when he was out at sea, and instead of getting mad, he wanted to be part of the action when I fucked guys on his crew.

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I fucked both of those guys in there tonight, and Jeff not only sucked their cum from my pussy, but he sucked their cocks clean of our juices.
And, he also sucks their cocks when they’re out on the ship.
He just loves to see me fuck men with big cocks since his dick is so small.

As much as I like to feel him sucking my pussy clean after I’ve been fucked, I think I like it better when he’s at sea and I can scoop up all of that cum and eat it myself.
And when I first met you and saw how much we look alike and how well we get along, I was hoping that you could help me fuck all those guys, especially the dozens of them in the barracks.

We usually have parties here at least four times per week when Jeff is at sea and even when he is home, and one of the other wives who was doing this with me had a change of heart and quit.
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I let Mindy know about my conversation with Ed where we were guessing about Jeff being a cuckold, and she was pleased that he at least he hadn’t gotten real upset about the idea of it.
I then decided to tell her the truth about my history with sex and said, Oh Mindy, I would love to be part of your plans to fuck those other guys.
I got used to being fucked by a lot of men with big cocks before I got married, but all I’ve had for the last six months is Ed’s little dick.

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