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Lay still, or your spanking will last even longer.
So although Charlene hart nude. my bottom was really hurting, I kept as still as I could.
My spanking stopped and Carol said, For the last part of your spanking, I want you to stand up and walk over to and face the conference room table.

I want you to spread you legs and bend over the table as far as you can.
I felt so exposed like this, with my private parts hanging down.
I saw each of the women replace their previous paddles with wooden paddles that had holes in them.

Then Carol said, Each of us will give you a swat of the paddle until you have been well spanked. Sunshine mature model.
Please count each one and say Thank you after each one.

Be sure and stay in the bent over position.
When the first swat hit, it stung a whole lot more than just being spanked across their knees.

I stood up and grabbed at my sore bottom.
Bend back down, again and be sure to count and say Thank You.
Carol said.
So I reluctantly bent down again.
This time I felt the swat and said, One, Thank you.
Thats a lot better, Judy said.
SWAT! Two, Thank you.

I did pretty well until I got up to ten.
I stood up and rubbed my bottom.
Karen and Judy, go over to Jim and hold his arms down while I give him his final swats.

This way he will be forced to stay in position.
Then I felt Karen and Judy grab my arms and hold me in place.
Carol proceeded to swat me five times with the paddle.

Now my bottom was really Cum over my big tits ebony. hurting.

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Amateur couples orgasm.