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Then her pussy lands Anal annie pics. gently on my lips, and everything else is forgotten.
This close up, I can smell the muskiness signalling her arousal.
Its all the invitation I need as I reach up to grab her ass, pulling her closer as my tongue seeks and discovers the gap between her labia.

I push in, eager to taste her, curling the tip of my tongue to aid penetration as I make little stabbing motions into her wetness; my probes rewarded with a surprised squeal of delight before she takes me back into the warm velvet of her mouth.
These are the moments I dream of, when were not together.

Her pussy is plump and as soft as warm summer fruit – sweet and tart at the same time, and oh so delicious.
Instinctively, we move into a rhythm of our own.

She grinds her hips against my face with increased fervour, matching the movement of my tongue as it finds her clitoris, the tiny patch of curls above her sex brushing against my chin as she moves. Live naked webcam.
At the other end, her mouth continues its motion up and down my cock, her teeth gently scraping the length of my shaft as she increases the pressure incrementally – just enough to tease, and not enough to bite.

I respond by adding a finger to my tongue, pushing in as far as the second knuckle to stroke the sensitive areas inside her cunt.
From somewhere on the very cusp of my senses I hear the faint rasp of a zipper unfastening, and the unhurried grunts of my employer satisfying himself in his chair as he watches our performance.

The desire to show him what hes missing always spurs me on and I purse Girls hope looking for sex. my lips around her labia, sucking and rolling them in my mouth to her immediate and obvious enjoyment.
The swell of her stomach rises and falls against my chest as her breathing quickens and she momentarily forgets about my cock.

When she finally remembers, she suckles me with renewed energy, one hand lazily toying with my balls.
Please! I beg, trying to move my hips away from her mouth and failing; her lips practically glued to the tip as she follows me down every inch of the way.

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