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It’s something Ellen and I thought up earlier today.
Okay, Judy, Molly, Melissa, Mum, take your hands and place them under your thighs to keep them from wandering.
I waited for them to do that.
The game is this.

Whoever takes their hand out first and rubs themselves is the loser, and gets last turn with Julie as you watch the others.
This continues, with Julie serving in order of who hold out the longest.
Julie, you lie in the middle of the floor on your back, spread-eagled.

She did that, and I set her vibrator to an interrupted, low-speed vibration in her pussy only for now.

She moaned softly.
Mum said, Wow, Fran, you didn’t tell me you had gotten one of those.

I just smiled.
We’ll start by showing the video of Julie in the chair.
Ellen started the video and fast-forwarded to the point where she asks Julie if she wants to play Asian nude at motor show. a game.
When the clamps flew out and locked onto Julie, Molly and Melissa gasped, and Judy let out with, Ohhhhh.

Um, cool.
I love it.
Later, when we had Julie hooked up to the monitors, Julie said, Damn, I need one of Proper temperature for facial paraffin. these. Free mom son porno videos.
Mum said, It’s very expensive.
If you have someone you want to make your pet, feel free to bring her over and use our chair.

Judy thought a moment, then beamed.
I stripped, and when the video showed Ellen playing with me, she copied it live for our players.
I tapped a button to start alternating patterns of vibration on Julie’s pussy and clit, but not in sync.
At any moment, she had both, or one or none.

She moaned louder, and I could see the beginning of a wet spot on her knickers.
I could see our players varying their gaze between the video, live Julie and live Ellen and me.
When Ellen put two fingers in me, I groaned along with my recorded self.

She then offered my scent to each of the players.
I could see them all sniffing her fingers and getting excited.
Ellen then licked my pussy which recorded what Ellen did, and I could see the players shift around, trying desperately to get some stimulation to their pussies.

All were moaning, especially Melissa.
She looked ready to crack.
When I came on video, Ellen licked my clit hard and fast, and it wasn’t long before I screamed out, Oh yes, little sis, I’m cummmming.

Sure enough, Melissa whipped out her hands, lifted her skirt, and rubbed her pussy and moaned.
First loser! Ellen cried.
Melissa didn’t care, as she kept rubbing and came herself after a minute.
I could see the others struggling to keep their hands under their thighs.

I tapped the phone to increase Julie’s vibrations to be more intense and more frequent.

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Alexmoran19 bi curious chat rooms.