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His right hand moves to caress my mound, again his touch is light.
I elicit a moan, just for good measure.
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Monster’s kisses butterfly around my tummy, sometimes his tongue drags gently across my skin, his breath always warm.

His body moves along the bed as he goes, his left hand covers my right breast, the nipple hard and urgent against his palm.
To his credit he can multi-task, gently kneading and caressing.
Good Monster.
Fingers soft across my mound, then along my thighs, then back up again.

Over and over.

My Monster’s lips kiss along the top of my panties, barely touching me.
Again and again my stomach muscles flutter, tiny goosebumps of anticipation rising on my skin.

I shift, softly, gently, my legs spreading once again, inviting exploration.
He reacts, his fingers finally tracing along the outline of my lips.
I hear him inhale my scent as his face moves closer to my warm, wet centre.

Monster removes his hand from my breast, and I sense him move from the bed, her his footfall as he moves to the bottom of the bed, then feel him kneel between my legs. Apxap2015 cams4 live free sex.
I raise my hands to my breasts, continuing what he has begun, softly but firmly massaging them, gently but with purpose I begin rubbing my nipples.

I feel Monster’s hands run up my legs, and his fingers hook under the sides of my cotton panties.
He pulls, gently, and I lift my bottom from the bed to allow the garment to be pulled from me.

I feel the cool air against my lower stomach, then hear the sound of the fabric against my pubic hair, then my moist lips are finally exposed, the sensation sending a shiver up my body.
This time, my Monster understands my reaction.

Almost tenderly, my panties are pulled off my legs, his hands hold my calves as he removes them.
I feel him lift one leg, his mouth making contact as his lips kiss my ankle.
His free hand is on my thigh, just centimetres from my warm centre.

I am sure my Monster can feel my heat without touching me.
Lips begin their journey up along my leg, he appears to savour every kiss, every pause in his journey measured for maximum pleasure- his as well as mine.
I am not an impatient woman.
Not usually.

Monster’s timing is exquisite, making me long for more.
I almost forget who is in control.
Monster finally plants a kiss on the dimple at the top of my thigh, his tongue tracing along the muscle in my leg, up towards my pubic hair.

He kisses his way around the hair, from the left side up, his tongue flicking out every now and again, his kisses so The number 14 in carbon 14 dating. soft.
Involuntarily, I push my pubis towards him, silently cursing myself for doing so.

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