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Madeline moved forward on the bed and lodged the big cock head on my slightly opened hole and began to push.
The opening grew and as she got inside, the pain hit as she came up against the last ring causing me to flinch and ow in pain.

She hit it a couple of times, and I almost told her to take it, before my muscle stretched and accepted the hard dildo.
It sank into me filling me as I had never been filled before.

She lightly pulled it back and forth, beginning a pleasure I had never felt – stuffed in the ass and hardness bobbing.
I was amazed and hot as a result.
Amazed that this was so pleasurable – why did everyone think this was so wrong? It felt incredible!

Madeline began to fuck me harder, and I got back up on my hands and she bent over me fucking and rubbing her hard nipples on my back, kissing and gently biting my neck and shoulder. Belly button boob job.

She began to stroke and bottomed in my, her minuscule pubic hair rubbing my ass as she plundered me.

I was groaning and moaning, as she thrust the dildo faster and faster in my ass.
I began masturbating to the thrusts and shortly felt a huge buildup happening starting at the base of my balls.

She was going crazy, really thrusting now and suddenly withdrew fully as I suddenly groaned loudly and sprayed cum everywhere in a massive orgasm. Bbw porr gif.

My ass was feeling cool air inside, and I was still dripping cum as I collapsed on the bed, coating myself in my orgasmic cum, satiated and exhausted from all the effort.
My love, that was incredible! I said.

Now I see what you felt and why you were so excited to bring me here this weekend and explore this new aspect of sex.
She lay on my back and kissed me.
I thought you might like it.

Get ready though, I feel there will be much more Sweetpussymama free gay sex webcams. exploring to come, she said.

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African american online dating websites.